Even the director’s headache is a superhero costume. Aquaman costume is really unique.

Aquaman costume

DC’s superheroes have iconic costumes that fans around the world recognize. Superman has a cloak, and the oversized “S” on his chest is particularly conspicuous. Wonder Woman wears a wristband on her wrist and a crown on her head. The recently exploding Neptune is wearing a green and gold armor, which is a bit unique.

Aquaman costume

Recently, Wen Siren, the filmmaker of Sea King, told CinemaBlend: This is really not a cool battle suit. (laughs) If you’re shooting a Batman movie, it’s easy to make the starring look cool! But diving suits? This is really a challenge for clothing. But the reason for choosing this costume is that it is part of the whole story, or it is the origin of the story. This suit itself, it belongs to the first king of Atlantis. Give this costume more value by incorporating it into the story and plot of the movie.

It’s not just a war suit, it’s also to make him look more like a character in a comic. However, I really want him to wear a cooler suit, which requires a lot of design work.

How did Jason Momoa spend as a waterman?

Aquaman costume

During the months of the filming, he had to stay in the water for a while, especially in the cold waters of Iceland. Jason recently revealed what happened to his shooting for the Aquaman movie in the cold water: Everything boils down to a joke, and on the Graham Norton show on weekends, Jason started talking about wearing only a thin wetsuit. Just jump into the cold sea. At first, he felt that the bubbles produced by the diving suit were very interesting, but when he adjusted the diving suit, the air entered the clothes and made him colder!

Aquaman costume

At the time, he said that Arthur Curry wore a superhero suit and went in and out to bring some trouble to the bathroom, but later he said it was just a joke. Having said that, we all know that superhero costumes can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable, especially when they are tight. Stephen Amell of DC TV has experienced this situation recently when he had to wear Grant Gustin’s tight-fitting costume in “Flash”, which made him very Comfortable.

Aquaman costume

It seems that the production of superhero costumes is really a big project.

The question is coming. Will there be any change in the costumes of the second Neptune? Will it be even cooler?

Everyone will wait and see!

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