About Us

Hello and welcome to the humble abode of the Order of the Cosplay Group!

jrm-online is based out of Central Florida and has been operating officially for a little over a year. We are a rather small cosplay group for now, but we hope to expand over time.

jrm-online consists of 3 levels: The Lilium, Advanced Members, and Members. The Lilium is a maximum of 5 members in charge of the Order. We are currently revamping the ranks, so we are on the lookout!

Necro is the founder and creator of the Order of the jrm-online Cosplay Group. She is the primary graphics-editor of the group. She is also the webmistress of the jrm-online website, Forums, Galleries, MySpace and Blog. In addition, she organizes all gatherings, events and photoshoots outside of conventions.

NP9 is one of the newer members but has certainly earned his place in the Lilium. He attends out-of-state cons and is the go-to guy of the Lilium for any video game questions. He has introduced many other cosplayers to jrm-online. He’s also one of the most skilled in the group when it comes to complicated sewing tasks and elaborate props.

Transill has been a fan of comics, manga and anime for longer than any of our other members. He began gearing this fandom toward costuming in 2006. Although his sewing skills are great, his true craft is woodworking. Also, as a practitioner of martial arts and particularly the art of the samurai, his detail in weaponry is meticulous.