Terms Conditions

So…you’ve seen our pictures, our profiles and our accounts of con-going… Now you’re thinking, “Wow, that looks like fun! How do I join?” Well, it’s really simple! All you have to do is be a resident of Florida (Part time or full time), or at least be a regular attendee of certain Florida conventions. You must also be a fan of anime, japanese culture, manga, video games, American cartoons/comics and/or J-Rock/J-Pop. And finally, you need to be willing to cosplay!

I was rather surpised to discover that some cosplay groups ask you to pay a membership fee. Well, joining Black Lily is completely free. Every member of Black Lily is appreciated and treated like a part of the family. The simple fact that cosplayers come to our site, enjoy our work and ask to join is simply an honor. With every member request, I feel extremely flattered that they would choose to join our group.

I am proud to proclaim that here at Black Lily, there are not, and will never be membership fees. I am personally responsible for the cost of the website, and I refuse to force my members to contribute for it. The only costs a member is ever responsible for are tickets for conventions and their own costumes. Photoshoots and Black Lily Events are FREE to attend and will remain such.

If you are interested in joining, please email me, Necro. Just let me know a little bit about your cosplay experience or your interest in joining the cosplay scene (if you’re new to it) and I’ll hook you up with contact information of the members and a mention on our member page. No applicant has been turned away thus far!