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Wonder Woman transforms into “Golden Saints”

“Wonder Woman 1984” recently released a poster, Wonder Woman replaced with a gold battle suit, turned into “Golden Saints”, and 80% of the suits that appeared in the comics, perhaps because of the Japanese Golden Saints Too similar, the wings of the shirt in the poster did not appear, replaced by a cloak. The role of Wonder Woman has been on the stage for 75 years. After 21 changes in the design of the suit, the gold suit is the first to appear in the movie, and the combat power of Wonder Woman will be improved.

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The story of the first “Wonder Woman” took place in the First World War. The story of “Wonder Woman 1984” took place during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Director Patty Judges once said that the third thought Take a modern show and don’t want to let the story happen in the past. From this point of view, the three movie eras of Wonder Woman are progressively progressive, and perhaps the combat power should be strengthened step by step.

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Wonder Woman is currently equipped with a mantra lasso, guardian silver bracelet, Vulcan sword, divine shield, starlight, not only powerful but also powerful, all from the creator William Malton Dr. Marston, when the male superhero occupied the comic strip, he listened to his wife’s suggestion and created a female superhero with an angel face, a devil figure, and a fighting power.

wonder woman cosplay

Dr. Marston is a psychologist and the inventor of the world’s first lie detector. The mantra of the lie is taken for granted. The equipment is added to the Wonder Woman, the infinitely extended artifact, even the Superman has been tied. Lived.

wonder woman cosplay

The wonder woman cosplay costumes were relatively exposed in the forties that were created in the 1940s. The blue star skirt and red low-cut top with bare legs were turned into star shorts in the late 1940s. Some people are angry and immoral. But with the rise of feminism in the 1950s and 1970s, the Wonder Woman’s uniforms crossed the avant-garde, and the shorts were almost turned into bikinis, revealing a small waist.

wonder woman cosplay

In the mid-1970s, Wonder Woman’s TV series was put on the screen, Miss America champion starred in the heroine, and for the first time saw Wonder Woman wearing a golden bracelet. In the 1980s and 1990s, Wonder Woman completely let go, the trendy explosion head, the lower-breasted jacket style, and the more sexy shorts design, all the comic female characters, inevitably soft porn, in order to hope more people Look at the comics.

Before this, Wonder Woman wore the flag on her body. Until 1995, the comic team wanted to change it and replace it with a renewed street rebellious girl design, but it failed to make it. It changed back and the chest flew. The Eagle logo is bigger and the pattern is more concise and generous.

After 2000, Wonder Woman also looked for a breakthrough, wanted to play some tricks on the battle suit, and kept the eagle pattern while wearing leather pants, but these designs were criticized by the media until the live-action movie started. The war suits also ushered in major changes. Instead of wearing the American flag, the Greek god of war is more intense, which is more in line with the image of her Amazon warrior princess.

wonder woman cosplay

From the gold warrior released by “Wonder Woman 1984”, the change of the battle suit has not stopped. The heroine is still beautiful and needs beautiful clothes to set off. This is different from the male hero. Some netizens say that this battle suit looks It’s not as big as Gael’s long legs, but it’s more powerful and domineering.If you are looking for more wonder woman cosplay costumes, Click HERE to see more!

In addition to the above, Wonder Woman has too many equipment to show in the movie, such as stealth aircraft, war hammers, battle axes, spears, etc., even the earrings are hidden weapons, how much will be presented in the next movie, wait and see.

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